The Regions of Metropolitan France

Click on the name of a region on the map, then choose your destination

How to register your Greet request ?
1. Select, from the list, the Region of France which concerns your stay

2. Select your destination in the chosen Region, from the cities/regions in our list. By clicking on the thumbnail of your destination, you open a descriptive sheet which allows you to know the Greeters offer of the destination.

3. On the destination sheet, two possibilities depending on the destination.
THE WALKING OFFER IS VISIBLE DIRECTLY– Make your Greet choice by clicking on a Greet thumbnail and register.
THE WALKING OFFER IS ON ANOTHER SITE – Click to access the Greeters page of the destination website. Make your choice for a walk and click on the registration button


Progress of your Greet request

Make your greet request with a Greeter well in advance, say 15 days minimum. This gives us time to meet your exact expectations and find an available Greeter. Our Greets are uniques, because it is you who will define with your Greeter and according to your wishes, their dates and exact routes. It is your own centers of interest, the passions of your Greeter, the weather that will determine your exact circuit.

A “France Greeters” Greet is, for us, the pretext for a meeting, a welcome, laughter and a ton of answers to your questions.

In big cities, you don’t usually choose the area of the ride. It is we who propose it to you according to your interests, date and language and our availability.

n the regions, you will generally choose your Greeter or your Greet theme on the destination Greeters web pages.

As soon as the registration form is sent, you will receive a confirmation by email. Our proposal will follow. After mutual confirmation, you will receive the contact details of your Greeter. Contact him. It’s time to get to know each other better to make your Greeters walk a memorable part of your stay.

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