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Discover Rueil-Malmaison with a local

Just minutes from the capital, our city has a green environment and a pleasant living environment. We look forward to meeting you and sharing a friendly moment together. So why not come and stroll with us on the banks of the Seine or discover the small streets of our city center? The memories of Josephine and Napoleon are never far away!

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The Boulogne Greeters in the Albert Kahn Gardens

Who are we?

We offer you, simply, to get into the more everyday aspect of our city, with its markets, its shopping mall, its bistros … . During this walk, residents of Rueil Malmaison, “greeters”, lovers of their city, will be happy to share with you the charm of unusual places and to tell you the big and small stories of their city. This Greet will take into account your tastes, your interests and your rhythm.
What’s more your greeter brings you: She or he will share with you his experiences and anecdotes; Will tell you where they are right. and of course will be happy to answer the questions that will allow you to better understand the city and its surroundings. Moments that we hope will remain unforgettable for you.

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Amiens - The English district
You can leave us the choice to send a proposal for a Greet. Our choice will be motivated by the items you can give us on the registration form and also by the availability of our Greeters.

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The Greeters team is led and managed by the Greeters collective from Rueil Malmaison.

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