Pointe de Primel in Plougasnou © A. Lamoureux

Discover the Morlaix Bay with a local, a Greeter !

The Greeters of the Morlaix’s Bay love their towns and villages and this territory which is familiar to them and yet always unique. They invite you to share a moment of relaxation, discovery and exchange around the activities they practice, what touches them and places that are close to their hearts, as they would with friends.

Whether with Yvon, Jean-Pierre or Marie-Françoise, depending on whether you prefer the coast, the city or the countryside, you will enjoy the time of a stroll of their knowledge on a particular aspect of this “country” that they like to share.

Meet the Greeters of the Morlaix Bay and the visit themes they offer:

Customs footpath and sea view in Carantec ©E.Berthier
Customs footpath and sea view in Carantec ©E.Berthier
Roc’h Trévezel and view of the Monts d’Arrée ©E.Berthier
Roc’h Trévezel and view of the Monts d’Arrée ©E.Berthier
Ange de Guernisac street in Morlaix ©T. Poriel
Ange de Guernisac street in Morlaix ©T. Poriel
The Morlaix Land Map
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Where is the Morlaix Bay ?

The Bay of Morlaix is located in northern Finistère, in Brittany, this region will seduce you with its diverse and remarkable landscapes!
From the crests of the Monts d’Arrée to the beaches and coastal paths, this territory steeped in history, where the lights play with the seasons, is labeled “Land of art and history”. Emblematic monuments such as the Château du Taureau, the Cairn de Barnenez, the Parish enclosures or the Maisons à Pondalez make up the identity and the cultural richness of the places. The Bay of Morlaix is also a lively country where leisure activities abound all year round and where life is good: come and share this experience with our Greeters!
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Morlaix, discovering the past

Stroll around the port of Morlaix

Henvic, Vannec tower

Pleyber-Christ, the sunken paths of Riboul Potic

Coastal path Saint Palais © Thierry Avan
l'Eguille marsh ©Thierry-Avan
l'Eguille marsh ©Thierry-Avan

Morlaix, with an air of Montmartre

Coastal path Saint Palais © Thierry Avan
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