The Château Thierry landscape

Discover the Aisne area with one of its inhabitants

Would you like to discover the Aisne department on holiday, on weekends or on a simple walk? Would you like to experience a tailor-made walk off the beaten track, in a friendly and authentic atmosphere? Then meet one of its inhabitants, who will show you the Aisne differently!

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Laon Cathedral
Aisne Landscapes

The Aisne area: where is it, what is it?

Aisne is a French department whose name comes from the river of the same name. It belongs to the Hauts-de-France region.

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How to go for a walk with an Aisne Greeter

Go to the Aisne website.

Go to the walks page of the Aisne website, make your choice and sign up.

The site presents the greeters and the walks they offer.
The most dues are to choose!
Click the button below to go directly to the website’s walks page.

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