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As a strong advocate of reasonable and supportive tourism, you develop joint activities with other stakeholders on complementary approaches and similar ethics.

FUAJ – United Youth Hostels Federation

The United Federation of Youth Hostels is the French link of the international network of Hostels (Hostelling International). This global network includes 4000 Hostels, 120 of which are located on French territory! The FUAJ has historically shared beautiful values, affirmed in their ethical charter. France Greeters and FUAJ come together around the same ambition: to welcome visitors from all over the world around a humanistic and sustainable vision focused on sharing and cultural enrichment. Enough to make beautiful sparks in destinations/cities that have the chance to bring together a hostel and a network of Greeters!      

Our publications with FUAJ

Article Greeters sur “Tourisme accessible” N°5 Dec 2021

Want to make sense of your next vacation?

Want to make sense of your next vacation?


With 450,000 homes and apartments in 187 countries, HomeExchange is the world’s leading private home exchange company. In contrast to mass tourism, the practice of house exchange brings together a community of travellers in search of authentic, sustainable and economical holidays. Values similar to those of the Greeters, which allowed us to get closer in order to promote each other, but not that! Our two communities are on the same track: encouraging local and responsible tourism, immersion in local life by promoting cultural encounters and exchanges. The promise of a great collaboration!      

Our publications with“Homeexchange”

Let’s travel differently

A key player in the Web publishing sector in the sustainable tourism sector, Voyageons differently defines its mission on its website: “Spreading the virtuous initiatives of tourism operators and relaying their commitments and responsible achievements, Voyageons-Autrement.com thus contributes to increasing the web visibility of those involved in sustainable development.” This is what Voyageons-Autrement.com proposes and is our basis for partnership together: “The web communication component is fundamental today. By discovering your structure, your projects step by step, through the experiences of men and women engaged in an ecotourism approach, readers will identify more with your territories and their actors. Tell your story, to captivate the reader and inspire him to act,”      

Our publications with“Let’s Travel Otherwise”

“Voyageons Autrement”, Greeters take part to it !

“Voyageons Autrement”, Greeters take part to it !

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