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A greeter welcomes you in Pays Beaunois

 Philip is not English, he is Welsh for us to say it! Lover of France and great lover of Burgundy wines, he bought in 1997 a house of character in Monthelie, a small village classified as a Cluny site. In the heart of the vineyard between...

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Limoges : slowtourism in small steps

    It's almost summer! The perfect opportunity to discover Limoges, its station, its porcelain and... its greeters! And why not do it by trying fitness activities?!     This is what Carolin offers you, as a greeter in...

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The Marne, a sparkling department!

 Ideal destination for all nature lovers, fine gourmets or history lovers. La Marne, land of the coronation of the kings of France, is known throughout the world for its champagne and has many assets for curious travellers.   There is so...

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Toulon Greeter’s word – Var Provence

 Toulon, the most beautiful harbour in Europe, is a city apart, and the greeters of Var-Provence are keen to make it discovered. Thiery, a retired sailor, is an ambassador much appreciated by visitors. Here is its story. >  Thiery, why do...

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Greeters Meeting in Issy les Moulineaux

 Many of you attended our 'Eductour' Greeters meeting in Issy. To start the day we welcomed the participants at the Issy Tourist Office for a friendly breakfast to get to know each other. Thanks to the Tourist Offices of the Hauts des Seine;...

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