The Vezere Valley © Office Tourisme
The Vézère valley is located in the heart of the Périgord Noir in the Dordogne and owes its name to the river that runs through it.
It brings together some of the most famous prehistoric sites in the world. Fifteen of them are listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, including the famous Lascaux cave, “the Sistine Chapel of Prehistory”, which is recognised throughout the world. Abysses, caves, troglodytic sites and castles complete the numerous possibilities of visit.

The villages are one of the assets of its splendid scenery. Land of gastronomy, many local products are to be found in the plates for the happiness of the gourmets. A land of gentleness and harmony, nature offers itself as a reward to visitors. The Vézère valley is a unique place, labeled Grand Site de France since January 2020, recognized for its remarkable landscapes.

It is within this framework that a network of Greeters was created in 2018. The inhabitants of the Périgord volunteers, passionate about their territory, are happy to make visitors discover this magnificent region. We invite you to discover with us, the portrait of two Greeters of the valley.

Josiane welcomes you © Josiane Glaudon

Josiane welcomes you


“Fauna, Flora all the passion! ” Travelling through the countryside, sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas has always been a great pleasure for Josiane. Passionate about nature, flora (trees, wild orchids) but also fauna (traces of presence), butterflies, mushrooms, everything interests her and in all seasons! This curiosity allows her to satisfy another of her passions, photography.

Your choice: wild orchids or small villages.

Do you want to discover a small village in the Périgord? Then follow Josiane… as a volunteer inhabitant, she will tell you the story of Ladornac or La Cassagne. You will discover them through its inhabitants, its architecture, its fauna, its flora and even its truffles!
Sauveboeuf castle © Martine Bellingard
Orchids Vézère Valley © Josiane Glaudon

If you are lucky enough to be there from mid-April to mid-June, you can go for a walk to discover wild orchids and their amazing way of reproduction! To pass on her knowledge, Josiane animates her walks in a playful way. Thus, she likes to compare orchids to men: their games of seduction, their way of deceiving their world in order to better attract insects and other foragers into their nets. She invites each visitor to participate in order to make this time lively and convivial.

Vezere Greeters

Last March, the Greeters of the Vallée Vézère met at the Château de Sauveboeuf for a moment of exchange and sharing. The Greeters presented the themes of their walks, talked about their passions for the villages, the fauna and flora, the prehistoric sites or the activities they present. Afterwards, they also shared their experiences concerning the visitors they welcomed in the Vézère valley. The feedback is excellent! A real shared pleasure, both for the visitors, through their comments, and for our inhabitants.

It was a rich and instructive moment. It allowed the whole network to get to know each other better and thus be able to envisage the continuation of the collective adventure. The question of communication with the general public was also addressed. The objective was to increase the awareness of visitors. A gathering appreciated by all, which augurs well for the future.

Veronique and Frank

Véronique and Franck wanted to come back to live in the country. Five years ago, they settled in the village of Les Eyzies, their new little paradise. Since their installation, permaculture has inspired them. They cultivate their vegetables, try to eat better and to respect what surrounds them. In the same spirit, they love nature and try to promote biodiversity…

Listen, observe, smell and touch. Let’s awaken our senses !

If you’re lucky enough to meet Veronique, she’ll show you her vegetable garden. Indeed, she will share with you all her knowledge about edible plants, her experiences and gardening tips. Thanks to her training in cooking you will also be able to talk about recipes and gastronomy. A value dear to our beautiful Perigord. Moreover, if you love wildlife, you can also have fun identifying birds by their songs. And in the autumn (September/October), it is even possible to listen to the deer’s brâme!

“feuillardier” art © Véronique
Mulching the vegetable garden © Véronique

Thanks to the chestnut tree, Véronique uses the shavings to mulch her plantations (mulching is a miracle technique in the garden to protect the soil), she makes folds (hedges) for her vegetable garden or flower bed, with the chestnut stakes, she makes stakes for her tomatoes, she can also make fences for her garden.
The Périgord is therefore rich in trades and activities anchored in the heart of the land, close to the land and nature.

The walks are open again after the Covid-19 episode. We hope to be able to welcome you soon for a walk in Périgord exclusively in the open air and in small groups. We follow for that all the precaunizations in force.
Greeters meeting in Vezere valley © Martine Bellingard

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