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Ailleurs chez nous, the Greeters® Podcast

What if together we remade the world? What if together we told the story of France? The one of the little stories, the one of the people of our country or yours. The one of these everyday heroes who, in their city, their village or their neighborhood, share the values of transmission and escape at their doorstep. “Ailleurs chez nous, le podcast des Greeters” invites you to slow down, to share, to go towards the other, the time of a magic meeting in the form of sound immersion, here or elsewhere. But never far away! Translated with (free version)

Between documentary and intimate stories, this podcast shows a piece of France, through the eyes of an inhabitant, a true living memory of our regions. An inhabitant who becomes the main character of a sound narration punctuated by selected, impromptu or unexpected encounters. By small touches, the sound atmosphere of the visited place draws a singular landscape. A back-and-forth between the main protagonist and the outside world allows the guest’s personal story to be situated in its context: a neighborhood, a village, a beloved place. The tone is willingly relaxed, natural. It leaves room for the unexpected, for surprise and opens the horizon and the imagination. The guest is the narrator, it is his story that he tells us and through it, that of the destination that the listener wants to visit. Away from the hustle and bustle of the world, go for a walk off the beaten track and let yourself be surprised by encounters that are often improbable, but always full of meaning. Discover our land with passion and take a breath of fresh air, the time of a sound journey filled with freshness and open to the world.


February 2022

The podcast series “Ailleurs chez nous …” is produced by a professional team
In order to better transmit the atmosphere of the meeting and the soul of our lands, France Greeters has chosen to call upon Paul Engel and his quality team, specialist in destination podcasts: the studios of
« France on the move ».

The first episodes financed through a participatory funding campaign :

We would like to thank all those who helped us to realize this beautiful project: Séverine Besson, Martine Colin, Monique Chollet, Jean-yves Cools, Benoît Carteron, Serge Ottaviani, Alain Geffroy, Laurence Claeyesen, Ariane Flahault, Diana Mortreux, Noémie Le Ngoc, Dominique Gatault, Lisette Falker, Bernadette Geerdes, Danielle Schmitt, Bruno Thaller, Claude Chaspoul, Rémi Faubladier, Nicolas Deforge, Étienne Ponnau, Camille Ract and Delphine Coppuyns-Manet.

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