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Podcast Alain de Lezardrieux

Extraits de blogAlain est Greeter et conteur à Lézardrieux dans le Trégor (Bretagne). Il vous invite à faire une balade avec lui dans ce podcast de la série 'Paroles de Greeters'. Ecoutez-le et inscrivez-vous à sa balade... Alain nous explique comment est né sa...

Crowdfunding “Greeters Words”

"crowdfunding"* Campagne de financement participatifThe podcast mock-up above, to show what we want to develop with the 100 or so places, regions, towns, villages, where our greeters wish to witness and make you dream with their stories, their memories. We launched on...

Partnership with HomeExchange

"Like a local" Travellers, do you know the houses exchange? Are you already used to Meeting Greeters on your travels? Do you appreciate the authentic, friendly discovery that privileges meeting the locals? You will love the principle of the houses exchange! Swapping...

One month to make the Greeters known!

Recent NewsValuing an intangible heritage As summer comes to an end and the Heritage Days approach, the international greeter community is mobilizing to raise awareness on sustainable tourism concept.       International Greeter Day is actually...

What if the time we’ve just been through has made you want to spend your next vacation in a different way? To share more, to meet people, to go to the essential, … We understand you so much !
It is in order to offer the travellers of tomorrow the best opportunities to meet people that the France Greeters Federation and the United Federation of Youth Hostels have decided to join forces to help you organise a holiday focused on encounters.

Youth hostels are an old story born from the idea of “allowing young people to discover the world by getting to know each other”. The Greeters are more recent (10 years in France all the same), and yet born of an equally humanistic ambition to bring visitors and locals together.
In the summer of 2020, the Fédération Unie des Auberges de Jeunesse and the Fédération France Greeters undertook to enter into a meaningful partnership.

Why? and How?

Why? Because these two federations have built their networks around common values: multicultural exchanges, mixing, sharing, non-discrimination, conviviality, … with human encounters at the heart of their respective activities!
How do they do it? Together, these 2 federations encourage the development of meaningful tourism and participate in the promotion of participatory, social and solidarity tourism by meeting the expectations of travellers seeking discovery and cultural exchange and by fostering links between generations and social backgrounds.
During the day, follow in the footsteps of a volunteer inhabitant (a greeter) off the tourist trails to live the experience of a friendly meeting focused on conviviality and authenticity. In the evening, book your bed in a youth hostel and dive into a collective living space to experience unique moments of sharing between people from different backgrounds.
And the good news is that more than thirty destinations bring together both a network of Greeters and one (or more) youth hostels!

About the FUAJ

The United Federation of Youth Hostels is an association for popular education and social tourism that promotes homelessness, mobility, international meetings and physical and outdoor activity practices. It is committed to fostering social and cultural intermingling by welcoming travellers from all over the world, without distinction of race, gender or opinion. It is the French link in the international network of youth hostels, Hostelling International, which has 3900 youth hostels worldwide in more than 65 countries, including about 100 in France. Find all the Youth Hostels in France, by clicking here>.

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