Isle marshes in Saint Quentin ©-Amin-TOULORS
Antoine is a 34 year old pet shop teacher with a passion for aquatic life. His activity as a Greeter gives him the opportunity to share his passion with other nature lovers.
Isle marshes ©-Amin-TOULORS

A plunge into the aquatic universe of the Marais d’Isle!

Antoine receives visitors in the marshes of Isle in the heart of Saint-Quentin, a 48-hectare nature reserve that is home to more than 1700 species of plants and animals. From the pontoons of the pond of Isle, Thoane offers you the possibility to observe very closely some of the 18 species of fish that the reserve has.

Some species are rare, such as eels and pike. A true oasis from which he will deliver you all the secrets. Its urban location makes it a real green lung, which the inhabitants hasten to invest at weekends to enjoy the reigning calm.

The mysterious rivers surrounding a village in Thiérache !

A little further east, at the gates of the Thiérache, Thoane also meets his guests in his village of Vadencourt, a haven of peace at the crossroads of the Oise, the Noirrieu and the Sambre to Oise canal. In this region watered by many rivers, man has built during the industrial era of the 19th century singular works of art.

Sambre Oise Canal ©-Amin-TOULORS
Throughout the walk, you will discover swing bridges, locks, a supply gutter, rayères (small dams) and even a canal bridge!
Only 10 km from Vadencourt, the small town of Guise, situated on the banks of the Oise, is home to the Familistère de Godin, a unique social palace, a product of the industrial past of this rural region. But nature has taken back its rights and Thoane will not fail to show you the wealth of aquatic life in the setting of lush nature.
Meeting Antoine (but call him Thoane!) is an opportunity to recharge your batteries by letting yourself be enchanted by the authenticity of a stroll off the beaten track, two hours from Paris. With him, we realize the richness of our ecosystem while living a human experience based on sharing, exchange and conviviality!

Antoine F.

Antoine-F. in Isle marshes ©-Amin-TOULORS
Thoane offers walks around two major natural sites in the Aisne department, the National Nature Reserve of the Marais d’Isle and the meanders of the Oise in Thiérache. Here is a brief overview that will certainly make your mouth water!

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Isle marshes ©-Amin-TOULORS

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