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Ailleurs chez nous, à Saint Gervais

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L’éco-sytème des “Oiseaux de Passage” en séminaire

En tant que bénévole, Delphine Yagüe, qui signe cet article, est responsable des Greeters de Troyes & de l'Aube et membre du comité de pilotage de la Fédération France Greeters. C'est à ce titre qu'elle a représenté les Greeters au séminaire organisé par la...

Ailleurs chez nous, à Marseille

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Since June 15 in France, deconfinement has been in place in metropolitan France. The 60 Greeters organisations in France are ready to welcome you again. The walking conditions follow the recommendations and legislation in force, but we are so happy to welcome you again after this pandemic period!
Our voluntary inhabitants offer you free walks, Greets, in small groups of 6 people maximum. Our Greeters are passionate and know their towns, villages and territories inside out. Simply select the location of your stay and register. You will receive a proposal by email and others if the first one does not satisfy you. Then you can contact your greeter and prepare your meeting.
Of course the virus is still there, we ask our visitors to follow the rules in force described in this document:

In Le Havre, for example, the Greeters prepared!

The 17 Greeters of Le Havre are a real group of friends. They love to welcome visitors, more and more numerous, but also to meet several times a year for discoveries and moments of conviviality.

Confined on March 17, they could not remain inactive! In order to maintain the unity of their group, they decided to evoke, each day, memories linked to a place, a personality or an activity practiced in Le Havre. This is how they shared their anecdotes, as well as telling the history of the place in relation to it. For example, the beach, a neighbourhood, a basin, the port, statues, a square, a public garden, Jean-Paul Sartre, the Oscar Niemeyer library, a military fort, a high school, cycling, rollerblading, fishing, coats of arms… There was incredible emulation between the narrators, with amusing remarks, demonstrating the friendship that reigned between the members of the network.

These daily stories generated many exchanges and additional information; from now on, our visitors will benefit from the enrichment of the knowledge of these inhabitants of Le Havre. The Greeters of Le Havre are looking forward to giving a warm welcome and transmitting their energy to the visitors! They have been available for a ride since May 15th.

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