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Podcast Alain de Lezardrieux

Extraits de blogAlain est Greeter et conteur à Lézardrieux dans le Trégor (Bretagne). Il vous invite à faire une balade avec lui dans ce podcast de la série 'Paroles de Greeters'. Ecoutez-le et inscrivez-vous à sa balade... Alain nous explique comment est né sa...

Crowdfunding “Greeters Words”

"crowdfunding"* Campagne de financement participatifThe podcast mock-up above, to show what we want to develop with the 100 or so places, regions, towns, villages, where our greeters wish to witness and make you dream with their stories, their memories. We launched on...

Partnership with HomeExchange

"Like a local" Travellers, do you know the houses exchange? Are you already used to Meeting Greeters on your travels? Do you appreciate the authentic, friendly discovery that privileges meeting the locals? You will love the principle of the houses exchange! Swapping...

Valuing an intangible heritage

As summer comes to an end and the Heritage Days approach, the international greeter community is mobilizing to raise awareness on sustainable tourism concept.

International Greeter Day is actually more than just one day, it is the entire month surrounding the birthday (September 10) of Lynn Brooks, founder of the greeters movement in 1992.
In September, all greeter destinations in over 30 countries will be promoting their activities, both to welcome new visitors and new passionate volunteers.
France is the first greeters country, with nearly a hundred destinations divided into about sixty networks (associations, conurbations, tourist offices, departments…). While some will organize events on site, others will conduct promotional activities online or in the local press.

The 2020 edition a particular year

If the year 2020 is not conducive to community gatherings and events, it will have resulted in the realization of our most precious asset: human relationships.
Greeters advocate sustainable tourism that connects visitors and residents around an authentic encounter. To mark this special edition, the International Greeter Association has decided that one of its 6 core values will be the theme of this year’s event:

Indeed, if the touristic aspect of the walks proposed by its voluntary inhabitants are often put forward, the greeters community is above all the bearer of an intangible heritage, a local culture, a typical and representative know-how of their living places.
It is therefore more of a “heritage community” to be valued, in the same way as the built heritage or the natural environment that the greeters propose to make visitors discover.

” Learning for life ! “… with the inhabitants

The European Heritage Days have chosen to focus this year on transmission, particularly among young people. This is the case of many meetings between greeters and visitors passing through. These exchanges, sometimes trans-generational, sometimes between people of very different cultures and origins, are sought after by volunteers who wish to pass on their passion, memories and traditions.
Thus, several greeter destinations have decided to organize spontaneous walks (without reservations) or to hold a stand for heritage days.

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