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Village of Eze Photo credit : ©Fragonard
The Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolitan Tourist Office is keen to animate its community of Greeters and to encourage meetings between and with them!
Thus, at the initiative of the Office, the famous Maison Fragonard welcomed before the confinement, about twenty Greeters from Nice in its perfume factory in Eze village, for an initiation to the creation of eau de toilette and to celebrate the magnolia, the star flowering tree in 2020.

Greeters on the scent! Nice Tourist Office

With the assistance of a perfumer – capable of identifying up to 3,000 scents – the Greeters from Nice have let their imagination and creativity express themselves through the three facets of magnolia: solar flower, marvelous flower and tender flower. This workshop was a great success with the participants and was an opportunity for the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolitan Tourist Office to bring them together, to animate the network and to share with them a moment of conviviality around a local product that is very emblematic of the Côte d’Azur: the flower !


Who are the greeters from Nice?

They are volunteers from Nice, whether they are native or native at heart, who are both passionate and exciting when it comes to taking tourists, French or foreign, through the streets of the Côte d’Azur capital. Whether it is Marylène, an endearing retiree from Nice, Emmanuel, a sailing enthusiast, but also a lover of Antiquity and the Middle Ages, Cédric, a young computer scientist who offers to share his passion for sport with you and Lucas, an enthusiastic student of Italian, all are driven by their attachment to their city and by the desire to share their “Nice” with people from all walks of life. The 50 Nice Greeters are friendly, generous and open to the world.
Going on a “mop” by their side is necessarily an enriching and unforgettable human experience. This is why, year after year, this program is increasingly successful. The meeting with a passionate inhabitant is the promise to live diverse experiences: “Stroll in the city – Stroll in the city on a blue bike – Daily life and good deals – Good restaurants, local cuisine and wines – Shopping, Fashion and Designers – Nature, Parks and Gardens – Traditions, Anecdotes and Little Stories – Discovering a neighbourhood – Urbanism and New Projects – Antiques and Flea Market – Urban Hikes – Sight Jogging – Cultures and Cultural Practices or Family Outings”… You are spoilt for choice and language questions too! The Greeters from Nice speak 9 languages, including Chinese and Japanese!

These are the visitors who speak it best

The testimonials, expressed to the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolitan Tourist Office reflect the success of the Nice Greeters network. An extraordinary ride “very amusing, very interesting. It was a pleasure to meet Rosine and we will be happy to see her again! “said Hans from Berlin. Or again “Extraordinary walk. Bernard is a well of knowledge that interested the whole family. I strongly recommend him”, said Edith last December.

Estelle D.

Adept of the “urban walk”, serene and sensitive, Estelle likes to take height and wander in the gardens of her district, Cimiez, or visit, according to her discoveries, the workshops or shops of the craftsmen installed in the heart of the city.

“I am a greeter at the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolitan Tourist Office who initiates & orchestrates walks with national or international visitors.
This eco-responsible volunteering is an opportunity to meet the Tourist Office team, the greeters and the team of tourists and visitors from all over the world.
In this way, friendly links (across time zones) have been created over time.
Very recently, expressions of affection and solidarity have sealed lasting friendships in the face of this universal test of covid 19.
Thus, from Singapore to the US, via London and Europe, visitors and tourists tell me they are impatient to return to enjoy the sunny Nice and beautiful metropolitan landscapes.
Because, it is the most beautiful country and the best place to wait for the end of the world in several billion years …” – Well greeting – Estelle

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