“Like a local” Travellers, do you know the houses exchange?

Are you already used to Meeting Greeters on your travels? Do you appreciate the authentic, friendly discovery that privileges meeting the locals?
You will love the principle of the houses exchange! Swapping his house?? Of course! More than 590,000 trading nights took place during the 2020 summer season, so why not you?
It is through HomeExchange, the world’s leading home exchange community, that you can experience hospitality at the heart of the journey. How? By becoming a HomeExchange member, you will be able to offer both your home and discover many opportunities for stays. And you won’t be alone! Already 450,000 guests, from all over the world, offer to welcome you in their house or apartment.

Values common to greeters

In the same way as when you’re looking for a Greeters destination in France or around the world, you will now be able to discover a community of members equally committed to the values of hospitality, human enrichment to promote a responsible mode of travel and to make exist/live the culture and local life of the places visited.

Because the human encounter has no price…

HomeExchange wanted to make the experience easier with you thanks to a system of GuestPoints, a kind of virtual currency that allows you to avoid any financial transaction and that, above all, no longer limits you to reciprocal exchange. Even if the traditional exchange of houses is still possible (you leave on the same dates and exchange your homes simultaneously), your GuestPoints allow you to stay in the accommodation you like without leaving yours at the same time.
Registration on HomeExchange is free and you will even receive a number of GuestPoints that will allow you to create your ad and book a first stay. You will only have to pay your annual subscription, which is quite affordable, equivalent to one night at the hotel. Afterwards, your GuestPoints earned by hosting as a host will allow you to travel to the whole community!

The promise of a human adventure, day and night!

Be greeted “like a friend” during the day by your Greeter, then feel “at home” at night at a HomeExchange host. That’s it, you already want to book your next vacation? Our only advice: put life, welcome and friendliness into your travels! Choose to feel at home, where you choose to move away. And it’s here👇
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Cherry on the cake

To leave in complete serenity, HomeExchange has concocted special enhanced guarantees Covid, to discover here .

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