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In Paris we are about 370 Greeters and we welcome every year, on a walk, nearly 6000 visitors!
Today, we introduce you to Lucie, one of our young volunteers. She has several passions in addition to a demanding job: photography and guiding tours in her neighborhood of the “Sentier” districtl.


“Le quartier du Sentier”: a passion for Lucie.

The “Sentier” district, historically dedicated to clothing wholesalers, has become very trendy since computer start-ups set up there in the 2000s. Indeed, it was one of the first in Paris to benefit from the Internet due to its proximity to the Paris Stock Exchange.

With its famous rue Montorgueil, its small shops, its bars, its typical houses, and very close to the old Halles, the “belly of Paris”, as Emile Zola used to say, it is really a cool walk that Lucie offers to her visitors in the “Sentier” district.


Lucie : Guided tour with a Greeters from Paris

Speaking French and English, Lucie is full of anecdotes: “One day, I had an Australian visitor with whom we had a great contact. After the walk, we spent a friendly evening in a restaurant in Montparnasse… and we almost missed the last metro at 1h30 in the morning! Since then we have kept in frequent contact and I hope one day I will be able to visit her in Melbourne.”

“Another time, I walked around with an American couple who told me: we love Paris because the houses are all old ! So after my walk I took them to see the part of the 13th arrondissement in complete renovation with many ultra-modern buildings, and with this amazing virgin forest in the middle of the Grande Bibliothèque”. They kept an unforgettable memory of it, as evidenced by their commentary and their belle photo.

Greeters and Instagram

And that’s not all, Lucie also manages the Instagram page of Paris Greeters and she and her friend Tatjana, she too Greeter in Paris, work hard to give us pretty colourful presentations of Parisian life!



Lucie is 28 years old and is a computer engineer. She manages the website of a large company that sells online. But Lucie is not the type to stay in her computer. Besides this very exciting work, Lucie is also passionate about photography. She has run a photo club where she gives introductory courses in photo retouching. But above all Lucie is a Greeter in Paris where she loves to show visitors the “Sentier” district. She sails there regularly, working in this area.

The Greeters Paris in pictures…

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