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Live St. Nicholas Day with a greeter – these are extraordinary moments to share.
The St. Nicholas Day celebrations are a highlight in the lives of Nancy’s inhabitants. They have been registered as French Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2018. For several centuries, Saint-Nicolas, the patron saint of the Lorraine region, has been celebrated on December 6.

In Nancy, there are nearly seven weeks of festivities in the world of Saint-Nicolas from 22 November to 5 January 2020 with a major weekend event on 7 and 8 December 2019. Villages of Saint-Nicolas (Christmas markets), Ferris wheel, video projection show, parades, shows, decorations and illuminations, Saint-Nicolas in gingerbread or chocolate in the windows of pastry chefs and chocolate makers… the whole city is celebrating.
St. Nicholas’ Day, precious memories to share,
It is also a time to share with family and friends, so who better to make you live this spirit than a resident?

Anne-Hélène, Nelly, Rose-Marie, Dominique and Jacques, greeters du Grand Nancy, evoke with pleasure their memories of Saint Nicolas.

Listen to them, come and see them, they welcome you and it’s free!


” I have always lived in Nancy so my memories of Saint Nicolas go back to my childhood… I remember that on Sundays we drank a good hot chocolate at home, then we would go “at night” (it added to the magic of the moment!) to the city centre to admire the lights and see the parade. I remember the handing over of the keys to the city to Saint Nicholas, and seeing him at the top of the cathedral towers. For me it was magical! »


” Fairy, Bright, Magnificent, that’s how I define the parade of Saint Nicholas. Despite the cold December period, the atmosphere is festive and childish to live from the inside to warm up. Lorraine’s inhabitants do not miss this festive moment. »


” Hello, the feasts of St. Nicholas are very important to me. Born in Moselle, Saint Nicolas brought me my gifts every year during my childhood. To continue to maintain these magical moments, during all my time in the Vosges, I played the role of St Nicolas in the village where I worked and on the Sunday closest to December 6, I distributed sweets on the charms of local merchants. The following Monday, I went to the schools to listen to the children’s songs and give out small gifts. So the magic of Lorraine lasted a little longer thanks to me, I hope! »


” For me, Saint Nicholas is first and foremost the historical figure, the holy bishop of Myre: his sense of justice, his actions for the well-being of his fellow citizens, his love for the poor and the young. I also like that Saint Nicholas is the feast of children, for their amazement, and that of adults who have kept the spirit of childhood. »


” Saint Nicolas, for me Lorraine from a small village in the Vosges, represents a sweet festive moment. As a child, Christmas was a religious holiday; it was St. Nicholas’ Day that we received our gift (a doll and sweets…) He came through the fireplace… a basket of wheat was placed near our shoes for his ass… Of course, we had to be very nice not to have anything to do with Father Fouettard “


You too, come and experience the feasts of Saint-Nicolas in Nancy and share these moments with the Greeters of the Great Nancy. They will be present at the tourist office to offer you spontaneous walks on Friday, December 6th, from 2 to 5 PM.

Christmas Greets in France

For the second year, we are renewing this event: Take you for a walk, in Greet, during this Christmas period. A volunteer resident who has known his city, its legends and traditions for a long time, welcomes you and introduces you to his Christmas fairy tale.

The following cities participate and offer you “Christmas Greets”:

  • Nancy and Greater Nancy in Lorraine
  • Mulhouse in Alsace
  • Amiens in Picardy
  • La Baule in Pays de Loire

The banner below introduces you to the event and allows you to register.

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