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The greeters offer free tours of their city. They are residents and in Mulhouse, their success is unfailing. The tourist office that manages this service has counted more than 100 walks with them in 2018. On August 22, 2019, the newspaper l’Alsace published an article on the greeters’ favourites that we present here.
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Raymond Weigel, click here on the left, talks to us about his motivations and his walks. Each of them is prepared and specifically adapted: “Before leaving, I ask visitors about their tastes, their desires of the moment and the time they have available. In order to determine the best way to start and walk.”

Sylvie, Raymond, Thierry

Greeter means host in English. The greeter is a resident who wishes to share with tourists his vision of his city and the surrounding area. This form of participatory toutism was born in New York in 1992.
There are currently about twenty greeters who offer walks in Mulhouse. You must go to the website of the tourist office to request a walk with the greeter you want.

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