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Versailles, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, two places steeped in history where kings have succeeded one another. Two places that notably knew the sumptuous times of Louis XIV and still preserve today the traces of this glorious past in the architecture of their historic centres, in their landscapes and gardens delicately decorated.

These are also two cities that hold many other secrets in their pedestrian alleys, offer addresses with mouth-watering specialities and natural corners to explore throughout the seasons. Many people have a deep attachment to these two jewels of the Yvelines.

Our Greeters: Residents passionate about a new experience

Among them, our “Greeters” like to share with the curious their fetish places and anecdotes or good plans according to their particular appetites for architecture, history, gastronomy, art of living or nature. There are about twenty volunteers between Saint-Germain and Versailles who are always delighted to be available to offer you a human, friendly, original and free experience!

But why a greeter?
Because it is the guarantee of an authentic and friendly experience with a resident far from the beaten track.
To live a total immersion with one of these “informed” inhabitants, you just have to find a date that suits you, choose one or more themes and the language in which you want to be guided during your walk.

How to book a greet with one of these Greeters?
To schedule your excursion with a Greeters, you will need to contact our Tourist Offices in Saint-Germain-en-Laye or Versailles directly.
You can of course contact us by email or by phone, the ideal way is to go through our websites by going to the space dedicated to our Greeters and fill in the form as soon as you have chosen a date.

Versailles and Saint-Germain in pictures…


“Being able to talk to people who often come from abroad and have their own views and analyses, often produces a culture shock that enriches us mutually.”

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