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What to do in the North ? Come and visit our department differently with the Greeters !   The key words of our walks with the Greeters du Nord: the first is adaptation (schedules, places, themes, with or without children, an urgent need, a question that takes you away from your usual walk…). The second is friendliness; and here we go for a nice free exchange…


What to do in the North: Who are the Greeters?

Jean-Pierre can sing you the song of “Ptit Quinquin”, speak “patois” while expressing by gestures the expression ! Serge speaks with enthusiasm of the anecdotes, say with humour and a smile. During a stroll with the Greeters du Nord, the dates are broadcast sparingly, just to find their way through history. The evocations of the pleasures of the mouth are not lacking!

At a given moment, the attraction of the delicious smell of waffle stirs up visitors. Stop required. In Flanders, Sylvie sets off on the roads of the Mountains of Flanders with her traditions, her rurality, her cuisine with a smile and simplicity. In Avesnois, the forest of Mormal and its typical villages with brick and bluestone houses enchant you, Serge will be able to tell you all about it. The Opal Coast and its immense beaches on the coast with its houses with details of the “belle époque”, say the “Falklands” by Laurence amaze you as much as the “Excentric” district of Dunkirk.

What to do in the North with Greeters ?

The department of Nord is very populated, humane and rich in museums, belfries, industrial history with rehabilitated buildings, local products, hiking trails and “café hiking”…

Stephane and family

“What I particularly appreciate in meeting visitors is to have a friendly time, to share about the environment and traditions, to share the riches of the territory”.
Stéphane, Greeter in Bavay

Our walks with the Greeters du Nord are characterised by traditions, the activities of miners, textiles, the concrete history unfolded in front of a monument, the economic activity of a city, gardens and green spaces, the environment.

By bike, on foot, along the Deule canal or in the middle of the Flemish or Avesnoise countryside or Hainaut, the Greeters of the North criss-cross the whole department.
What to do in the North? It’s up to you to think of us; the Greeters of the North are waiting for you! Remember to book on our website about ten days before your arrival date.

Nord in pictures…

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