The rank of the Drapiers © BDhier

Greeters® walk in Roubaix, meet with a local..

Our Greeters, passionate and volunteer locals, participate in the life of Roubaix which is “a world city”. Its rich industrial past explains the presence of pagodas and mosques alongside the diversity of Christians who try to “live together”. They will show you the very diverse and still current economic vitality. This will take you on walks full of surprises when you see how all these old buildings have found a new life. On these great walls, the artists of Street Art also today, free rein to their imagination.
The Greeters of Roubaix lead you for free, with fervor and all their heart. A moment of unique sharing, a real meeting!

Barbieux Park © pauline-bailly
Roubaix land of street art © Loic Trinel
Courthouse © Roubaix Tourism

Roubaix: where is it, what is it?

We are close to Lille and Tourcoing and with a prestigious industrial past. A know-how that is always alive and active.
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How to go for a walk with a Greeter from Roubaix

You can leave us the choice to make you a proposal for a Greet.

Our choice will be referred by the items you will give on the registration form:

  • The date that’s right for you (max 3)
  • The language used during the Greet
  • Your interests and your walk wishes

You have more details on the walks offered on the Roubaix website

Choose the Greet and register, at the risk of having a different proposal because of unavailability of the chosen greeter.
Click the button below to go to the Roubaix website.

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