Departure of the boat ride of the hortillonnages © Greeters

Greeters stroll in Amiens with one of its inhabitants

Amiens and the Amiènois contain hidden treasures. One of the locals is waiting for you, as a friend, for a walk. Hewill introduce you to the city, pass on the good plans and advice for guided tours, reveal the gourmet specialties and where to taste them…
You will be pleasantly surprised by this quiet city that is worth a visit… and deserves the return! As Jules Verne wrote to one of his friends: “On my wife’s desire, I settle in Amiens, a wise city, polite in an equal mood. We are near Paris, enough to have the reflection, without the unbearable noise and sterile agitation.”

The Perret Tower of Amiens
The Perret Tower of Amiens © Greeters
Hortillonage Amiens with a greeter
Amiens hortillonage with a greeter © Greeters
Amiens Cathedral
Amiens Cathedral © Greeters

Amiens: where is it, what is it?

The historic capital of Picardy, nicknamed the “Little Venice of the North”, Amiens offers a rich heritage and picturesque neighbourhoods, witnesses to a two-thousand-year history.
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How to take a walk with a Greeter from Amiens?

You have 2 choices to register, see below:

You can leave us the choice to make you a proposal for a Greet.

Our choice will be referred by the items you will give on the registration form:

  • The date that’s right for you (max 3)
  • The language used during the Greet
  • Your interests and your walk wishes

You have more details on the walks offered on the Amiens website

Choose the Greet and register, at the risk of having a different proposal because of unavailability of the chosen greeter.


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What do our visitors say after a walk on Amiens with a greeter


“Visit of Amiens corresponding to our requests (stories and legends of the city, facades of the city). Visit documented. Michèle made this visit a pleasant exchange. The historic visit was punctuated by anecdoctes. We were delighted with his intervention, which gave us the keys to the history of Amiens and its richness.”

Sept 2018

“Our day with Alix in Amiens was very fun. Sometimes communication was a bit of a challenge, but we managed to make ourselves understood on both sides. We saw and learned of things we would not have had we been on our own. Alix put in a lot of effort to be sure that we learned as much as possible about Amiens. We would recommend this program to anyone who visits.”

Juillet 2018

“Emmanuelle was enthusiastic about Amiens, had excellent English and kindly offered to escort us to our next appointment. She is delightful company.”

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