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Catherine is greeter in Troyes. She welcomes visitors free of charge, in small groups, to HER city: Troyes.
Her testimony speaks of her motivation and passion to meet visitors and tell the story of his city.

“I joined the Greeters de Troyes network, following a television show. I really like this concept of reaching out to others and… I’m not shy! Speaking Italian and English, I have the opportunity to meet people from very far away! I recently had the pleasure of welcoming American and English, Belgian and obviously French families, who were interested in the heritage, architecture and history of Troyes.”

For foreign tourists, who are not necessarily very familiar with our history, I propose a kind of chronological table with some essential dates, to better situate the monuments encountered and put them in the right historical context.

An anecdote, perhaps ?

I remember in particular a family of 6 people, including a 10-year-old child, who wanted to discover Troyes with his parents for a wedding anniversary. The young boy, who loved history, quickly became the adult leader. Enriching exchanges for all!

What do you particularly like about your walks?

I like to take visitors behind the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul, to discover the lower district, the workers’ district. A district less frequented by tourists, but full of beautiful architectural and historical treasures to admire. Who knows this Gallo-Roman house near the Seine for example? We therefore start from this period, to arrive at the end of the journey, at the house where Napoleon stayed, passing in front of the 16th century St Nizier church, with its magnificent glazed tile roof, the original sculptures of Paul Dubois, and the remarkable House of the Dauphin, which dates back to the passage of King Francis I with his son, the future Henry II, in the 1530s.

The families I met are always very surprised by the richness of the neighborhood they never knew they were visiting. Our walks are also an opportunity to get them to talk about the city and the region where they come from and to make connections.


“I am always delighted to take time with our visitors, to let them enjoy all our local treasures, both gastronomic and historical, to stroll or even to go shopping with them…”

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