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The podcast mock-up above, to show what we want to develop with the 100 or so places, regions, towns, villages, where our greeters wish to witness and make you dream with their stories, their memories.

We launched on March 1st, a crowdfunding campaign with helloasso to collect your help.

Blog excerpts

In Limoges, the Greeters play on velvet!

Pont Saint-Etienne Limoges © Jean-Claude LeymarieAdmit that you don't know much about Limoges. Ah! Yes, the porcelain, the basketball players of the CSP... and that terrible verb "to sack" (limoger in french) so negatively charged!... What if your stroll with a...

Thoane, Aisne Greeter, in unspoilt nature

Isle marshes in Saint Quentin ©-Amin-TOULORSAntoine is a 34 year old pet shop teacher with a passion for aquatic life. His activity as a Greeter gives him the opportunity to share his passion with other nature lovers. Isle marshes ©-Amin-TOULORS A plunge into the...

« Greeters snack” 2020 in Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Photo credit : ©Saint-Germain Tourisme Last December, we gathered some of our greeters for a little snack before the end of the year festivities. The meeting took place at the Café des Arts, under the glass roof of the Villa Eugénie Désoyer where our...

“I’m 10 years old” Marseille Provence Greeters

Gerard_Greeters©Andrea_Lammer " May this boat on which we sailed 10 years ago, sail as long as possible!!!! » Gérard, grafter from the first hour in Marseille.     "I have been dedicating a few hours a month to holidaymakers from all over...

Since 2018, France Greeters has been giving the floor to its members, through its blog and social networks to express the original point of view that these networks of volunteer inhabitants can relate to the reception in our French destinations. These “Greeters Words” have become the means to reveal all the richness and diversity of the greeters movement, beyond the 6 fundamental values we share.

A participatory and slow-tourism approach

A Greeter is not a professional guide any more than a speaker. He is a local resident, passionate and proud to let you know his city, his village or his terroir. It welcomes visitors to its living environment and shares it with passion.
The Greeters networks thus contribute to the enhancement of cultural heritage and the dialogue between
cultures as ambassadors of french savoir-how, know-how and culture

Dear visitors, come alone or in a group of up to six people and discover the best deals during a walk or a discussion over a drink. Whatever the form of the discovery, the most important thing lies in the encounter.

What are Words of Greeters”?

These are stories of inhabitants,memories, amusing anecdotes, everyday adventures, true stories acquired throughout a lifetime and offered to us by an enthusiast.
The greeter likes to welcome the traveller as he would with his family or friends. His speech is not that of a specialist, but on the contrary, that of a inhabitant among others, who perceives things subjectively and lets him see the time that gives himself the time, what it is to live there. As you will have understood, there are as many stories as there are greeters, each bearing a unique but always benevolent look at his territory. We share common values of acceptance, respect for others and openness to the world. (Re)discover France differently and let us change your scene!

In addition to articles and videos, we want to launch a Podecast.

The Podcast, which at the same time immerses the listener in another world and yet gives way to his imagination, seems to us to be the best way to convey the emotions experienced during an encounter with a greeter.
To find out, listen for example to
the magnificent testimony of Lydia
, who tells us about her neighborhood of Nantes Nord where she lives…

To establish the authentic side of the encounter with a Greeter, we want to record a series of meetings and conversations in a place to discover on the destination. To this end, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign to finance this project. See the presentation below.

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