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They are 10… 10 welcoming inhabitants, ready to tell you stories, their history. Each of them is intimately linked to La Baule, for very different reasons. Some were born there, while others have made it their home for retirement. But all are bound by a single and unanimous enthusiasm to transmit, to share a brief moment of their lives. Let them speak…


In order to share your territory, you have to be proud of it, right?

Yes, and Yvonnick confirms it with his words “when you live in a region as singular and attractive as La Baule Presqu’île de Guérande, entering the Greeter approach is self-evident”. And everyone shares this feeling of pride and belonging. Whether they are keen on sailing, tribal art or ornithology, they all come together around an idea: to share their passion and inspire our visitors.

“Intimacy”, “personalization”, this time, these are Didier’s words. He testifies with this sentence: “Some visitors want to know more about the Greeters concept, even more about ourselves! ». And yes, by becoming Greeters, you have to expect to reveal a little about yourself… ! More than a stroll, it is a human encounter, a friendly exchange, during which anecdotes, moods and life experiences are shared. This meeting will certainly trigger an emotion, which will become a memory… making you want to do it again!

Do I have to be used to travel to be a good Greeter?

Not in the least! No need to speak 4 languages, nor to be a professional photographer, navigator or experienced tour guide to embark on the adventure. The human encounter is accessible to everyone. If Simone or Gillian like to discover the La Baule market and its way of life, Françoise prefers to get her feet wet at Plage Benoît for a trip to fish for cockles. Finally, everyone has their own way of sharing their territory as they wish. Without artifice, but just the simple pleasures of life.
Whether you are a native or a resident by birth or by heart, whether you are rather land or sea, urban or rural, whether you have a nugget to share or a simple recipe to share, a secret or a good plan to reveal, join the beautiful team of the Greeters de La Baule Presqu’île de Guérande !

I am convinced, but how to do?


Simply contact the Tourist Office La Baule – Presqu’île de Guérande at greeters@labaule-guerande.com or by phone at 02 40 24 76 01. Ask for Aurora.

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The Greeters of France are members of the “International Greeter Association”. Be careful not to fall into the hands of fake greeters who use the name without giving the service.

La Baule and its Greeters, in pictures…

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