To be a greeter is above all to love people, to welcome them, to share and also to find each other. On October 6, Nancy Tourisme, as a pilot of the Nancy greeters network, gathered its volunteers to share a beautiful morning with them. A way to keep the network alive and to thank them for their commitment.

We were able to meet and exchange ideas with each other over breakfast in the most beautiful brewery in the city, the famous L’Excelsior brewery and its Art Nouveau décor, as we like to do at least once a year. It is the passion, the need to share that is felt in everyone’s interventions. Being a greeter is also a permanent enrichment thanks to the beautiful encounters they have the opportunity to make. Sometimes even bonds are forged. And we were very proud to announce to them that at the end of September the number of greetings had reached that of the whole year 2017, that is to say nearly a hundred walks! And the year is not over!

Then came the time for photos. A shooting was held on this occasion to further enhance the value of greeters on Nancy Tourisme’s future new website. Those who agreed were able to have a portrait taken by a professional photographer.
And the final highlight that everyone had been waiting for so long was to be able to access the terrace of the Arc Héré in order to enjoy an exceptional view of our magnificent Stanislas Square, recognized by UNESCO. And it was already time to leave each other, looking forward to meeting!

Other occasions allow Nancy’s greeters to meet again. Once a month, a few volunteers come to the tourist office to run a stand to talk about greeters to visitors and sometimes even offer them a walk during the day.

Vincent D.

I have been managing our Greeters team at the Greater Nancy Tourist Office for a few years now. I chose to talk about our morning with the greeters on October 6 because these “meeting” moments are important for us and for the greeters. It is a way to keep the network alive and to thank them for their commitment.

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