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Discovery walk in Saint-Etienne with one of its inhabitants, a Greeter

On the Saint-Étienne side, we have funny, nice Greeters, a little weird sometimes, but always curious and full of good ideas. A walk with Barnard, Lili, Marie or everyone else is always refreshing and off the beaten track.

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Saint-Etienne: where is it, what is it?

Saint-Étienne, Sant-Etiève or Sant-Tiève in Arpitan and Sainté in colloquial language, is a French commune located in the southeastern quarter of France, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. It is the capital of the Loire department.
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How to go for a walk with a Greeter from Saint Etienne

Let us make a Greet proposal.

Our choice will be referred by the items you will give on the registration form:

  • The date that’s right for you (max 3)
  • The language used during the Greet
  • Your interests and your walk wishes

You have more details on the proposed walks on the website of Saint Etienne

Choose the Greet and register, at the risk of having a different proposal because of unavailability of the chosen greeter.
Click on the button below to choose a Greet and register.

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