Marseille, old harbour entrance© Greeters

Discover Marseille with one of its inhabitants, a Greeter

Beyond a real tourist alternative, based on volunteering and cultural exchange, it is an action that creates links between Marseille, its inhabitants and its visitors, allowing the former to experience their city differently, and the latter to better feel it and become impregnated with it.
It’s a new way to discover Marseille, to participate in another type of tourism… Come and meet us!

Marseille old harbour at night © Greeters
Marseille hidden calanques © fouque
Marseille flowers street © Greeters

Marseille: what and where is it ?

Marseille, in Occitan Marselha, is a town in southeastern France, capital of the Bouches-du-Rhône department and prefecture of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.
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How to go for a walk with a Greeter in Marseille ?

In Marseille, the Greeters are managed and run by the Marseille-Provence Greeters association.

Go to their website to register your request for a Greet, on your dates and in your language choice.

What our visitors say after their Greeters tour in Marseille

March 2019
We were very happy with our walk to the Calanques with Gerard. He is very knowledgeable in everything from the city’s history to the area’s geography and biology. As an expert guide he is the right person to go on a trekking tour with but make sure to ask many questions to not only enjoy the beautiful scenery but learn something along the way. We met a second time in a nice fish restaurant.

Stefanie M.


Février 2019
La rencontre d’Yves, habitant du quartier des Roucas-Blanc, fût un moment inoubliable et précieux de notre séjour. Passionné, attentionné et disponible, il nous a fait découvrir grâce à son témoignage l’évolution de Marseille et en particulier de son quartier. De plus, Yves nous a initié à l’architecture des Rocailles et nous a prodigué de précieux conseils pour poursuivre seuls notre périple. Thanks

Pascal D.


Février 2019
It was a wonderful idea, so refreshing. She helped me to understand the history, showed me many monuments and streets. Made if very easy for me to continue looking for the museums. Most of all it was just so great to be greeted by someone from the area. I am inspired to become a greeter when I get home. It was a fantastic day. Thank you for providing this service

Susan M.


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