The coast of Lézardrieux © Nolwenn-GOUAZOU

Discover the Lézardrieux Peninsula with one of its inhabitants

To unravel the secrets of our wild peninsula, there’s nothing like meeting the PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY!
Lovers of fishing, hiking, painting, photography, sailing, history or heritage fade…. The peninsulars want to share their view of the territory with others, tourists or locals.
Then? Meet the ” Peninsula Greeters “! and discover with them the Presqu’île de Lézardrieux, its very carved rocky coast, its countryside and its estuaries with varied landscapes between Trieux and Jaudy.

Talbert © Greeters’ furrow

Lézardrieux: where is it, what is it?

Lézardrieux is located north of the Côtes d’Armor in the wild peninsula of Tregor. The town is nestled on the edge of the Trieux estuary.
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How to take a walk with a Greeter from the Lezardrieux Peninsula?

You can leave us the choice to make you a proposal for a Greet.

Our choice will be referred by the items you will give on the registration form:

  • The date that’s right for you (max 3)
  • The language used during the Greet
  • Your interests and your walk wishes

You have more details on the walks offered on the website of Lézardrieux

Choose the Greet and register, at the risk of having a different proposal because of unavailability of the chosen greeter.
Click the button below to go to the Lézardrieux website.

What do our visitors to the Lezardrieux Greeters say?

Ce que Pierre, Odile et les autres m’auront fait vivre sur la Presqu’île de Lézardrieux, je n’aurais pas pu le trouver autrement.


Chaville - France

Our Greeter, Colette was very knowledgeable and interesting. We had a chance to ask the questions we never dared to ask… We believe we understand better this part of Brittany. An experience we will certainly do again in other part of the world. Thanks, I’m going to have


Teignmouth (UK)

J’ai découvert avec Brigitte l’univers des ostréiculteurs, c’est un vrai témoignage d’une transmission familiale.


Liège - Belgique

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