Landscape at Sanguinet © Greeters


Discover Les Landes with one of its inhabitants

Where can you take a Greeters walk? All over the Landes! From Biscarrosse to Mont de Marsan, from the Pays d’Armagnac to Chalosse via the South Coast of the Landes, you just have to make your choice!

Landes forest resin harvesting© Greeters
Biking on costal pathes © Greeters
Mont de Marsan © Greeters

Les Landes: where is it, what is it?

The Landes (in Gascony: Las Lanas) is a department in the Southwest of France, geographically part of the “Midi Atlantic” and administratively belonging to the New Aquitaine region.
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Tourism in the department:   Terre des possibles !

Follow a Greet in les Landes

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