Dunkirk Trade Basin © Greeters

Discover the Dunkirk community with one of its inhabitants

A fine sandy beach, a modern convention center, a privileged location close to European capitals… Dunkirk has many possibilities to attract visitors. If we can partly attribute this development to the enthusiasm for the North aroused by Dany Boon’s film and by the impact of the Dunkirk carnival, the fact remains that our region is recognized for the quality of its welcome. and the richness of its activities. Our greeters are volunteer residents who will tell you about Dunkirk !

Dunkirk, City Hall
Dunkirk City Hall © Greeters
Dunkirk Kursaal
Dunkerque Malo © Greeters
Re-birth in the city center
Re-birth in the city center© Greeters
Dunkirk Map

Dunkerque: Where and what is it ?

Dunkirk is the northernmost sub-prefecture of France, located in the Nord department.
The “Jean Bart city” is at the center of the Dunkerque Grand Littoral urban community, which includes seventeen municipalities.
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What do our visitors say after a Greeters® tour in Pas de Calais?

Thanks to the quality of our Greeter’s comments and his excellent knowledge of the city, I discovered a city whose architectural richness I did not know, although living only a few kilometers away.

Françoise P.

Ville d'Avray (France)

The Greet has been the highlight of our stay. Our Greeter, Georges, was very knowladgeable and interesting. We had a chance to ask the questions we never dared to ask… We believe we understand better the city and french way of life. An experience we will certainly do again in other part of the world. Thanks


Paris (France)

It was a most wonderful day. I learned so much about the area and got to see a fantastic Japanese Garden, a splendid array of architectural gems and most of all suggestions for return visits to the area. Das is a national treasure!!


New-York (USA)

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