Th old Figeac roofs © Greeters

Discover the Pays de Figeac with one of its inhabitants.

A place where time passes slowly, where it is possible to go from cool valleys to arid and rough causses in a few minutes. A peaceful place where people know how to party, welcome and laugh together, where children rediscover a taste for simple values and their parents a taste for being together. This land marked by history, which has become the theatre of a lively local life, exists!
The greeters are there to welcome you and share a piece of their history with you!

The old Figeac center © Greeters
water-mill on le Lot river – Typical architecture © Greeters
Champollion place in Figeac © OT Figeac

Le Pays de Figeac: where is it, what is it?

The Pays de Figeac from Ségala to Lot Célé is a country, in the sense of regional planning, situated between the Lot and Aveyron departments, in the Midi-Pyrénées region.
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Tourism in the Pays de Figeac:   Le Grand Figeac !

How to register a Greet in Figeac

Let us make you a proposal for a walk.

Our choice will be guided by the information you provide on the registration form:

  • The date(s) that suits you (max 3)
  • .

  • The language used during the walk
  • Your interests and your wishes for a walk

You have more details on the Greeters page of the Grand Figeac website.



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