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Come for a walk in the Bocage Bourbonnais with one of its inhabitants

Welcome to the Bocage Bourbonnais! Discover with passionate inhabitants the many faces of the bocage, rich in legends and anecdotes! Walk through its characteristic hedges, locally called bouchures, relive its local history or witness the legendary hospitality of the Bourbonnais people with the village of Noyant d’Allier with its dozens of different nationalities! Our Greeters will take you for a walk and will welcome you as friends. Pierre and Agnès will take you for a walk in the Bourbonnais nature and Isabelle and Jean-Pierre will take you to discover the local history !

Come for a Greeters walk © Prod03
Aerial view © Prod03
Come for a Greeters walk © Prod03

Who are we?

The Tourist Office of the Bocage Bourbonnais offers you a multitude of ways to discover our region! Guided tours, geocaching with the Pepit application, guided tours, Greeters… come and meet the Bourbonnais nature and its so diverse history! You want to discover the territory in a more authentic way? Try the Greeters experience! And share a friendly moment with a local inhabitant who will be happy to help you discover his environment. Greeters are passionate about their territory and enjoy welcoming visitors. They offer their time, voluntarily, to share their passion or to make you discover the places they love. It is an inhabitant of the territory, proud of his region, who shares his passion with you. Translated with (free version)

A Greet in surroundings © CCHLPP
The view from ‘Qui-qu’en grogne’ tower © Prod03

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Bourbon from top to bottom


Nature, heritage & History


The ‘Lanciers’ country discovery


Ruins – history

You can leave us the choice to make you a proposal for a Greet. Our choice will be motivated by the items you can give us on the registration form and also by the availability of our Greeters.

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