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Discover the Land of “Les Herbiers” with one of its inhabitants

Here, take the time to live! With the Greeters, stroll through the villages, the alleys, take centuries-old hollow paths, cross the green and hilly landscapes typical of the bocage, to discover a multifaceted heritage. Romanesque buildings, castles, windmills that played their part during the Vendée Wars, but also an industrial heritage inherited from the beginning of the 20th century make the identity and landscape of the Land of Herbiers.

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Aerial view of the Mont des Alouettes © Gael-Roger
The Boulogne Greeters in the Albert Kahn Gardens

Who are we?

Discover the Land of Herbiers in a different way. How? By calling a Greeter!
The Greeter is a local, passionate about its region, wishing to volunteer to discover its places and favorites. He is not a lecturer’s guide but curious and in love with his city and its surroundings.
Follow him and let yourself be carried away by the exchange and discovery of little-known and atypical corners. All this, under a new look. The Greeter’s.
Sharing, good plans and walks will be there for an unforgettable moment. So don’t miss it!
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Puy du fou – Land of the Herbiers

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