Click on a city or region, in the list below, to save a Greeter walk request

Make your Greeter walk request sufficiently in advance, say 15 days minimum. This gives us time to meet your expectations exactly and find an available Greeter. Our walks are unique, because it is you who will define their exact layout with your Greeter and according to your wishes. We do not have a catalogue or pre-programmed walks. It is your own centers of interest, the passions of your greeter, the weather that will determine your exact tour.
The Greeter walk is for us the pretext for a meeting, a welcome, laughs and a ton of answers to your questions.

  • In the city, you don’t choose the walking area, we offer it according to your interests and our availability.
  • In the region, you will choose your greeter or your theme for a walk on the Greeters website pages of your destination

Select your destination from the cities / regions on our above list. By clicking on your destination, you open a descriptive page that allows you to enter and submit your request (see the user-guide). As soon as the registration form is sent, you will receive a confirmation by email. Our proposal will follow. After mutual confirmation, contact your Greeter.
It is time to get to know each other better to make your Greeters walk a memorable part of your stay.

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